How To Convert Your Conservatory Into A Garden Room

Do you have an old conservatory that you barely use anymore? Rather than let it permanently sit empty or knock the building down and rebuild it, you could always convert it into a garden room to make it useable again.

Solid Roof Conservatory Internal Image With Garden View

It’s not as complex as it may sound, or at least it’s not when you have Bon Accord helping you do it.

One of the simplest ways to give it the feeling of a garden room is to replace the existing roof. Substituting an old glass roof for a solid tiled roof will make the extension feel more robust, while ensuring it retains a light and airy ambience.

Your choice of tiles or slates for the new roofing system should have a similar appearance to the tiles or slates on the roof of your house as you want the conservatory to be in keeping with the property’s character.

Fitting a new roof can usually be done quickly – within a few days in most cases. However, there needs to be certainty that the current windows, doors and base can take the weight of it. If there’s any doubts in that respect, the installation of new windows and doors should be viewed as another example of wiping the slate clean with your old extension.

You could fit replacement windows that offer a far greater standard of thermal efficiency, and where feasible, install bi-folding doors for an up-to-the-minute solution that opens out the extension to your garden. Any good garden room needs a good outdoor opening.

Before you carry out any of this sort of work, you must check whether it is subject to building regulations, and also clarify if a planning application needs to be submitted.

It will cost you far less to replace your roof and any windows and doors, and in the process, create a garden room, than it would to commission a full extension replacement.


Talk to Bon Accord Glass if you wish to turn your conservatory into a garden room to make sure everything is done properly. We also specialise in building home extensions.

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