Why Secondary Glazing Is Such A Great Option

This past winter may have emphasised to you an urgent need for new windows if you have experienced coldness in your home due to draughts. 

Secondary Glazing

Bon Accord Glass has a very affordable range of double and triple glazed windows, but we acknowledge that finances are really being squeezed at the moment and it may not be an ideal time for you to buy them. 

You do need to do something though and not just live with those draughts and see your energy bills hit an unmanageable rate. 

Secondary glazing could be just what you’re looking for, a product that’s also in our superb range.

Costing less than a full window replacement, all it involves is the addition of a slim-line window to your current windows, giving you an extra layer of protection against the elements. 

Being an effective barrier against the weather isn’t its only attribute. 

Enhanced thermal efficiency

Fuel costs have reached a frightening level in recent months and the conflict in Ukraine may contribute to them increasing even more in the near future. 

This makes it so important that your home is energy efficient so that you’re not overpaying for heating. 

Once secondary glazing has been fitted, it will improve heat retention and ensure a lot less of it goes to waste. 

Reduced noise

Being disturbed by outside noise when inside your home is the last thing you need after a long day at work or when you’re trying to sleep. 

You will hear far less of it with secondary glazing in tow, which will give your ears a rest and keep your mental wellbeing healthy. 

Improved security

If someone ever attempts to break into your house, your windows will be one of the first places they target, so they need to offer sufficient resistance.

They will be much harder to force open if they have secondary glazing, giving you more confidence in your home security. 

We have secondary glazing options for all window styles, including horizontal sliding, vertical sliding, side hinged, clip in, clip out and fixed solutions. Get a quote for it here. 

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