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What Is A Composite Door And Why Should I Buy One?

12th February 2019

Is your current front door on its last legs in terms of how it looks and how it performs? It is imperative that you get it replaced at the soonest opportunity as your entrance door is the face of your home and it should also be keeping your living space well insulated.   Bon Accord...

Do I Choose A Conservatory Or Orangery - Pros And Cons Of Both

6th February 2019

The “improve not move” trend is set to continue in 2019 as the uncertainty caused by Brexit threatens to destabilise the housing market, encouraging householders to add an extension rather than sell. Moving is such an expensive business anyway and you could be far better off installing a conservatory or orangery to give yourself more...

Will Triple Glazed Windows Keep Noise Out Of My Home?

1st February 2019

We live in such a noisy world nowadays that it’s very easy to get a headache when you’re out and about, but heading indoors into your home doesn’t always help to cure it. If you live nearby a major airport, busy road or train line and your windows are old and only single glazed, chances...

Why You Should Appoint A Regional Home Improvement Firm

23rd January 2019

It’s difficult to even know where to start when you’re on the lookout for a reputable home improvement specialist for the very first time as there are so many companies out there touting for your business. You will come across one-man-bands, regional firms and the big national businesses that you often see advertising their services...

The Top Home Improvement Trends Of 2019

17th January 2019

What grand plans do you have for your home in 2019? You might be in the scenario of wanting to improve it but you’re not entirely sure what to do and unaware of what steps will be the most fashionable way of reviving those tired, old interiors. For an insight into what’s ‘hot’ and what’s...

Get Fantastic Finance For Those 2019 Home Improvements

8th January 2019

Most of us treat the New Year as an opportunity to make a fresh start in various areas of our lives. This could involve enrolling for a gym membership to work off the excesses of Christmas, applying for a new job or maybe you have your sights set on improving your home in 2019. If...

How To Give Your Front Door That Festive Feel

5th December 2018

Few things put you in the festive mood quite as much as decorating your house in readiness for Santa coming. If you have yet to put your decorations up we suggest that you do it right away and don’t be a Grinch! Get right firmly into the spirit by having some classic Christmas songs blaring...

Is Investment Into An Orangery Worth The Money?

30th November 2018

Pretty much everyone knows what a conservatory is but they may not necessarily be quite as familiar with an orangery. They are two very different types of home extension with a conservatory having over 75% of its roof glazed, while an orangery has less than 75%. A conservatory must also have over 50% of its...

How To Heat Your Conservatory Effectively In Winter

14th November 2018

It’s infuriating for conservatory owners when they’re left with no other choice but to completely abandon their old extension throughout the entire winter due to it feeling ridiculously cold inside. By all rights it should be one of the busiest areas of the house at this time of the year as you could easily turn...

Is Triple Glazing Any Better Than Double Glazing?

7th November 2018

Ever since we began supplying and fitting triple glazed products a few years ago, one of the most frequently asked questions by customers is whether triple glazing is any better than double glazing. It’s a perfectly reasonable question as buying a brand new set of windows / doors is something you only normally do once...

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