Have You Seen The Finance Options at Bon Accord?

18th July 2019

What improvements do you have in mind for your home this summer? Would you like to make the kitchen the heart of things with one of our designer kitchens, or is it finally time to swap your old windows and doors for our endlessly attractive and thermal efficient UPVC, aluminium or timber windows and doors?...

What Are The Current Building Regulations I Need To Be Aware Of?

15th July 2019

Building regulations exist for a reason and that’s to protect people’s safety, health and welfare in and around buildings. There is no excuse for ignoring them, and that includes when building a conservatory on to your existing house. If you would like a conservatory at home, you should firstly contact the building standards department at...

How To Bring Your Old Conservatory Up-To-Date

4th July 2019

When was the last time you updated your conservatory interior? If a busy lifestyle (or laziness) has got in the way of you modernising its look and that lack of attention has resulted in it falling behind in the fashionable stakes, you need to get your backside into gear and do all you can to...

Do You Know About Our Finance Options?

2nd July 2019

We would be asking an awful lot of our customers if we expected them to pay for their home improvements in full at the time of purchasing them. While our prices are extremely competitive, it’s completely understandable that the majority of people require some financial assistance to help them fund their cost over a certain...

How To Keep Your Conservatory Cool This Summer

24th June 2019

We’re patiently waiting for the weather to hot up this summer after last year’s summer broke all records. There’s still time yet for it to be a scorcher, which would be widely welcomed by most people, but, perhaps not quite as much by those that know it will cause their conservatory to overheat. Conservatories are...

Envisage Flush Casement Windows - A Modern Twist On Timber

21st June 2019

Although flush casement windows have been around for years, we believe that flush casement windows are the future and they’re a key part of our extensive window suite. Flush casement windows were first made in the 19th Century. The reason why they have the ‘flush’ name is because they have a ‘flush’, flat finish on...

The Summer Kitchen Trends You Need To Know About

20th June 2019

There is time yet for the weather to change, but this summer has been a bit of a damp squib so far, denying you as many opportunities as you would like to bring out the barbecue and dine outside. Most of your cooking this summer will have had to take place in your kitchen, but...

How To Convert Your Conservatory Into A Garden Room

11th June 2019

Do you have an old conservatory that you barely use anymore? Rather than let it permanently sit empty or knock the building down and rebuild it, you could always convert it into a garden room to make it useable again. It’s not as complex as it may sound, or at least it’s not when you...

3 Ways Of Updating Your Old Porch

28th May 2019

The presence of a porch in your home’s entranceway can make it stand out far more than most porch-less properties. It’s worth reminding yourself of that if your porch has started to look dated as an unappealing porch could be bringing the whole appearance of your house down. Structurally, the porch may be absolutely fine,...

The Best Fixtures And Fittings For Your Conservatory

21st May 2019

You very much need to try and make your new conservatory your own when sitting down with Bon Accord Glass to hopefully come up with a design befitting of your home and personality.   It’s all in your hands when it comes to choosing the style of conservatory you want, as well as the material...

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