It Might Still Be Summer, But It's Never Too Early To Start Preparing For Winter

5th September 2019

As the autumn nights begin drawing in and temperatures outdoors start to drop, you may have started to think about prepping your home for winter. Cosy knits, warm log fires and spiced pumpkin lattes may have you looking forward to the months ahead but the cold weather can also be a hindrance. Especially when it...

Why An Open-Plan Kitchen Is A Benefit For Any Scottish Family

27th August 2019

Kitchens have completely evolved in recent years. Walking into a modern-day kitchen is very much like entering into a different world as they’re far more multi-purpose than they once were and many of them have an open-plan setup.   The era of kitchens being exclusively used for cooking, food preparation and eating has long since...

Thinking Of A New Orangery? Not Sure Which Will Best Suit Your Home?

20th August 2019

Whether your home is traditional, a 1970s build or a 2019 modern new build, the addition of an orangery will be perfect for your home! So, what is an orangery? We first saw orangeries in Italy many years ago! The Mediterranean elegant structure was then used to grow citrus fruits and exotic plants.  Seen by...

Do You Find Condensation In Your Home All Year Around?

14th August 2019

Condensation, it’s annoying and unattractive we know, but do you know what it actually is?  Essentially it is where gas or vapour changes into a liquid. in most cases, the gas or vapour converts to water which collects as droplets on a cold surface, such as a window, when humid air makes contact with it. ...

Are You Going To Need Planning Permission To Create Your Dream Home?

12th August 2019

If you’re looking to extend or amend your home, then this must be a really exciting time for you! Although it’s important to look forward to your future home improvement journey, it’s also important to remember that you may need to consider planning permission and whether you’ll need it. Here at Bon Accord, we offer...

Have You Seen The Finance Options at Bon Accord?

18th July 2019

What improvements do you have in mind for your home this summer? Would you like to make the kitchen the heart of things with one of our designer kitchens, or is it finally time to swap your old windows and doors for our endlessly attractive and thermal efficient UPVC, aluminium or timber windows and doors?...

What Are The Current Building Regulations I Need To Be Aware Of?

15th July 2019

Building regulations exist for a reason and that’s to protect people’s safety, health and welfare in and around buildings. There is no excuse for ignoring them, and that includes when building a conservatory on to your existing house. If you would like a conservatory at home, you should firstly contact the building standards department at...

How To Bring Your Old Conservatory Up-To-Date

4th July 2019

When was the last time you updated your conservatory interior? If a busy lifestyle (or laziness) has got in the way of you modernising its look and that lack of attention has resulted in it falling behind in the fashionable stakes, you need to get your backside into gear and do all you can to...

Do You Know About Our Finance Options?

2nd July 2019

We would be asking an awful lot of our customers if we expected them to pay for their home improvements in full at the time of purchasing them. While our prices are extremely competitive, it’s completely understandable that the majority of people require some financial assistance to help them fund their cost over a certain...

How To Keep Your Conservatory Cool This Summer

24th June 2019

We’re patiently waiting for the weather to hot up this summer after last year’s summer broke all records. There’s still time yet for it to be a scorcher, which would be widely welcomed by most people, but, perhaps not quite as much by those that know it will cause their conservatory to overheat. Conservatories are...

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