How To Give Your Conservatory A Good Spring Clean

20th March 2021

Cleaning the house isn’t the most fun job in the world, let’s be honest, but the beginning of spring is the ideal time to get the place looking completely spotless.  The thought of doing it is a chore in itself, however, once it’s done, you will be really glad that you went to the effort. ...

3 Things To Think About When Buying A Home Extension

9th March 2021

If you live with a big family in a compact home, you’re likely to get to a stage when you have no other choice but to either extend, if you can, or move somewhere bigger.  Very obviously, it will cost you far more to relocate, and can be far more stressful too. This makes extending...

Mistakes You Don’t Want To Make When Getting A Kitchen Extension Organised

8th February 2021

You live quite an old-fashioned home lifestyle if your traditional living room is still used as the central area in your house. Things have evolved, and it’s now the kitchen that’s the heart of many British households.  Far from just a dining space, the modern kitchen caters for almost everything, from providing the kids with...

The Home Improvement Projects That Can Decrease The Value Of Your Home

3rd February 2021

Regular readers of our blog will have hopefully taken away some great ideas from our piece in January about home trends for 2021.  You can catch-up on what we wrote here.  What’s just as important as incorporating on-trend ideas into your home, is to avoid doing anything that will affect its long-term value.  Though you...

3 Steps To Take To Make A Massive Saving On Energy Bills

13th January 2021

Some householders dread the arrival of the winter months, not because of how cold it gets, but because their energy bills hit them really hard in the pocket.  With most people currently working from home that will mean even pricer fuel costs for many this winter, the last thing you want at a financially and...

Home Trends You Need To Know About In 2021

7th January 2021

We’ve never seen as much of our homes as we have over the last year, and we’ll be seeing even more of them throughout the first part of 2021, by all accounts. We can only guess that’s why property experts are predicting that millions will be spent on home improvement projects during the next 12...

A Festive Thank You From Bon Accord

25th December 2020

During our 45+ years in business, we’ve never experienced a year quite like this one. But we’ve come through it even stronger, and much of that is down to our customers.  You have never stopped supporting us, and made it one of the most memorable years in our lifetime, for all the right reasons. All...

How To Get Your Home Looking Festive For Christmas

1st December 2020

It’s going to be an unusual Christmas for us all, but we can still make it a memorable one in our own homes.  All your normal festive parties can take place, but they will just have to be done virtually instead via Zoom, with your customary Christmas jumper worn, drinks kept close to hand, and...

3 Of The Best Ways To Improve Your Home For Winter

9th November 2020

We’ve very much become accustomed to spending lots of time at home this year, so seeing some more of our homes over the winter won’t make too much of a difference to our lives.  Try and enjoy it, which you undoubtedly will if you love your living space. The next few months indoors will pass...

UPVC And Aluminium - All You Need To Know About The Two Materials

28th October 2020

We are heavily reliant on UPVC and aluminium when manufacturing our home improvement products for customers – they’re used for almost everything we supply.  Why do we use them so much? To us, they’re easily two of the finest building materials available, as they have proved over many, many years.  Customers regularly ask which of...

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