How Our Timber Windows & Doors Differ From Traditional Timber Windows & Doors

11th August 2021

What’s off-putting about traditional timber windows and doors for some people is that they know that wood is very porous and it can easily warp, crack and swell.  Issues like this make the need for maintenance a frequent thing, and who has the time nowadays to be treating their windows and doors, again and again? ...

3 Home Improvement Ideas For Smaller Properties

1st August 2021

You can never have enough space at home, but it’s hard to come by if your house isn’t particularly big and your family has grown since you first moved into it.  It doesn’t help that Britain’s homes are getting smaller – did you know that over the last 40 years, the average size of a...

How To Get Your Front Door Insta-Worthy

14th July 2021

Use either of the following hashtags on Instagram, #frontdoor or #frontdoors, and you will see all sorts of attractive and beautiful front doors.  Millions of Instagram users pull out of the stops with their front doors not just because they know it will look good on the social media platform, but also because they recognise...

Would You Like To Make A Big Summer Saving On Your Home Improvements?

1st July 2021

If you’re looking to enhance your property this year, the headline of this blog post is a rhetorical question – of course you would!  Well, you’re in luck, because Bon Accord Glass is running a Summer Savings promotion, where we’ve slashed the prices of pretty much every product in our extensive range – Windows, Doors,...

How To Get A Summery Feel Into Your Property

21st June 2021

Things are hotting up, or at least we hope they are, as the month of June has been pretty warm and sunny, so far.  We have everything crossed that the weather continues to be this kind to us over the summer as we’re sure you will agree that when it’s lovely and bright, it does...

3 Simple DIY Projects For You To Try At Home This Summer

15th June 2021

Does the thought of doing some DIY at home fill you with despair? If it does, we can guess that you’ve either tried to do it before and it didn’t go very well, or you think that you wouldn’t do a good job of it.  With regards to the latter, nonsense, we say! And if...

The Benefits Of A Sunroom

15th May 2021

The very name ‘sunroom’ tells you that you can expect this form of home extension to be filled with sunshine during daylight hours.  If you don’t know what a sunroom is and how it differs to other extensions, the best way to describe it is to tell you that it has some of the same...

A Guide To Buying New Replacement Windows For Your Home

7th May 2021

A home without any windows is just unthinkable. They do so much for us and our properties, making them an indispensible feature.  For a start, how your home looks on the outside is very much determined by their condition, and they also protect you indoors, keep the weather out, bring the sun in, and enable...

3 Of The Most Effective Ways Of Increasing Your Home’s Valuation

15th April 2021

Moving house may be the last thing on your mind at the moment, but that could change in the near or long-term future, you just never know. Prepare for the possibility of that happening right now by enhancing your home in ways that are known to increase the value of a property.  You will want...

How To Create A Great Workspace In Your Home

9th April 2021

A lot of businesses are so pleased with how well their employees have adjusted to homeworking these past 12 months that they’re now giving them the option of working from home. Has your employer said you can do it?  For it to work, you need to be disciplined with yourself, sticking to your normal shift...

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