What Is UPVC And Why Is It So Good?

19th March 2019

Our entire product range at Bon Accord features several UPVC-crafted offerings, a building material originally developed commercially in 1935 and first used in UK window and door manufacturing during the double glazing boom of the 1980’s, a period dramatised in the current BBC comedy series ‘White Gold’. Almost 40 years on from UPVC really taking...

Do I Need To Obtain Planning Permission?

13th March 2019

This is a question that needs answering before you have a single storey, ground floor extension constructed at your house as it could otherwise prove very costly. A knowledgeable home improvement specialist like Bon Accord Glass will be able to advise you on this subject and you can also contact the planning department at your...

Why You Should Buy A Home Extension In Time For Summer

8th March 2019

Nobody expected the burst of warm weather that hit the country at the end of last month, but it was much welcomed and almost made it feel like summer had come early. It may have fast-forwarded your mind to the real arrival of summer and left you contemplating extending your home so that once it’s...

Interior Design And Furnishing Ideas For Your Extension

26th February 2019

It’s difficult to contain your excitement at the prospect of a new extension being added to your property as it provides you with an additional room to inject your personality and celebrate home living.   The two most popular forms of home extension are conservatories and orangeries and each offers unbelievable spaciousness. Their roominess needs...

What Is A Composite Door And Why Should I Buy One?

12th February 2019

Is your current front door on its last legs in terms of how it looks and how it performs? It is imperative that you get it replaced at the soonest opportunity as your entrance door is the face of your home and it should also be keeping your living space well insulated.   Bon Accord...

Do I Choose A Conservatory Or Orangery - Pros And Cons Of Both

6th February 2019

The “improve not move” trend is set to continue in 2019 as the uncertainty caused by Brexit threatens to destabilise the housing market, encouraging householders to add an extension rather than sell. Moving is such an expensive business anyway and you could be far better off installing a conservatory or orangery to give yourself more...

Will Triple Glazed Windows Keep Noise Out Of My Home?

1st February 2019

We live in such a noisy world nowadays that it’s very easy to get a headache when you’re out and about, but heading indoors into your home doesn’t always help to cure it. If you live nearby a major airport, busy road or train line and your windows are old and only single glazed, chances...

Why You Should Appoint A Regional Home Improvement Firm

23rd January 2019

It’s difficult to even know where to start when you’re on the lookout for a reputable home improvement specialist for the very first time as there are so many companies out there touting for your business. You will come across one-man-bands, regional firms and the big national businesses that you often see advertising their services...

The Top Home Improvement Trends Of 2019

17th January 2019

What grand plans do you have for your home in 2019? You might be in the scenario of wanting to improve it but you’re not entirely sure what to do and unaware of what steps will be the most fashionable way of reviving those tired, old interiors. For an insight into what’s ‘hot’ and what’s...

4 Ways Of Boosting The Value Of Your Home

10th January 2019

In recent days it was announced by Halifax that UK house prices rose at their fastest monthly rate in almost two years in December but they warned that the housing market remains passive ahead of Brexit. Homeowners should take note of that warning and shouldn’t get overexcited as they cannot presume that the valuation of...

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