It Might Still Be Summer, But It's Never Too Early To Start Preparing For Winter

5th September 2019

As the autumn nights begin drawing in and temperatures outdoors start to drop, you may have started to think about prepping your home for winter. Cosy knits, warm log fires and spiced pumpkin lattes may have you looking forward to the months ahead but the cold weather can also be a hindrance. Especially when it...

Why An Open-Plan Kitchen Is A Benefit For Any Scottish Family

27th August 2019

Kitchens have completely evolved in recent years. Walking into a modern-day kitchen is very much like entering into a different world as they’re far more multi-purpose than they once were and many of them have an open-plan setup.   The era of kitchens being exclusively used for cooking, food preparation and eating has long since...

How To Renovate Your Kitchen This Summer

24th April 2019

With summer looming, now is the time to turn your attention towards improving your kitchen if you have ambitions of making the room the heart of the home in time for the weather (hopefully) hotting up. The way we use our kitchens has evolved. No longer just a place for cooking and enjoying our evening...

How Bi-Folding Doors Can Bring The Outdoors Indoors

3rd April 2019

Now that the weather is improving you can re-establish the connection you had with your garden prior to the winter months and look to make outdoor living the norm this summer. We don’t get anywhere near enough warm weather, so when the sun is beating down it’s hard to resist cracking open a few cans...

Top Home Improvement Trends 2018

15th March 2018

In celebration of this year’s Home Improvement Week we have decided to take a closer look at what we see as being the big home improvement trends for 2018. With home prices continuing to rise and the cost of moving becoming more prohibitive, 2018 will undoubtedly continue to be the year of “don’t move, improve”....

Design Spotlight – U-Shaped Kitchens

6th August 2017

Kitchens can come in all shapes and sizes. A lot of how your kitchen is laid out will be down to the type of house you live in, it’s size and age but for every kitchen there is an ideal design and in this latest series of blogs we will explore the various shapes of...

Kitchen Design Tips For Small Kitchens

3rd May 2017

When it comes to kitchens having lots of space can expand the range of options you have to create your dream room but what if you don’t have the luxury of oodles of space? Is your dream kitchen out of reach? Not in the slightest, in fact, we think the best things come in small...

How To Make Your Kitchen Storage Go Further

19th April 2017

The modern kitchen is jam packed full of appliances and gadgets to make your life easier. From microwaves and toasters to the latest juicer and coffee machine, space in today’s kitchen is definitely at a premium. At times, it’s hard enough to figure out where to store your actual food! Thankfully there are options to...

Why A Glass Splashback Might Be The Most Practical Addition To Your Kitchen

7th April 2017

Glass splashbacks have exploded in popularity in recent years, with many people now opting to install one over more traditional wall coverings like tiles or paper. Chances are you will have considered one for your own kitchen at some point but what are the main advantages to having one? Advantage 1: Easy Cleaning There’s no...

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